Shawnee Forest Campground


Bold cliffs and crags overhang a bubbling brook, while large boulders overgrown with ferns, ivy, lichen, and moss fringe the hillside. Giant century-old trees interlock above the small creek as cliffs rise on either side. This is a great place to swim.  A modern swimming pool, bathhouse, and 45-foot water slide are provided for swimmers’ enjoyment. A lifeguard is on duty at all times. Towering oaks, elms, and birch trees shade the pool.

Shawnee Hills Wine Trail

Bicycle trail running from Harrisburg to Karnak, Illinois. The trail runs along the former a railroad. The Cairo & Vincennes became a branch line of the Southern Railway before its trail section shut down in the late 1900s. The trail is 45 miles long. The trail is suitable for both hiking and bicycling activities. 

Tunnel Hill Bike Trail 

Dixon Springs

In the heart of the Shawnee National Forest lies the Shawnee Hills Wine Trail, Illinois` first and most award-winning trail. Twelve unique, family owned and operated, wineries offer a diverse selection of nationally and internationally acclaimed wines.

Shawnee National Forest

The forest consists of approximately 280,000 acres of federally managed lands. Shawnee National Forest lies between the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, in Southern Illinois. Its terrain spans woodlands, hills and lakes.  The Garden of the Gods features ancient sandstone cliffs and formations. Trails include the long River to River Trail and the Rim Rock National Recreation Trail, circling an escarpment. Jackson Falls has steep bluffs and a waterfall. 

Shawnee Activities