April 25, 2018

We are not taking reservations yet.... Rain and more Rain keeps us from getting things finished up. Please stay tuned for our reservation system to be added to the website. Thank you for your patients. 

April 12, 2018

A little bit about what has went on for the last year. It took 6 months to get the campground approved by the state. So all the plans electrical, plumbing, sewer plans have a stamp of approval on them from the state. We have worked hard to get everything right. Before the end of 2017 we had all the sewer and plumbing in place. The weather has not allowed us to move forward or we would be open by now. The new lift station is in place we just have to connect to it. ‚Äč
Info about the Campground. All sites are Full Hook up and will be really nice. Most of the sites are pull through large sites. There are back in sites too. There will be 62 sites to begin and we may add some more sites in the future. There will be a map of the campground soon. 2 restroom/shower house locations and 2 Laundry room locations. One Office and 1 camp Host spot. We are planning on being open all year long. We have walking paths. We will allow catch and release fishing. We have a couple of large beautiful ponds. We will allow leashed pets. We will not have a playground to begin with. We Might open the driving range that is sill on the table. The old Gambint Inn is gone and the entire corner is for sale plus the banquet center and other buildings. When we OPEN you will be allowed to come out and take a look. Please if you are local wait until we open. We still have construction going on. We will let you know when we are open. We are planning an open house. Thank you for all the support from our Future Campers!

Shawnee Campground Blog and Info

May 16, 2018

Update on the campground... The Shawnee Forest Campground is getting closer and closer to opening.  The liftstation is being completed. The sites are getting their picnic table areas all placed.  The Bath houses are getting floors pored. The Grass has stared to grow! Finally everything is falling into place. Check back for more Camping Blog information.

Full Hook UP Camping 

Shawnee Forest Campground

June 1, 2018 

OPEN for Campers who don't need the bath house.  Bath houses are not finished yet but will be soon...